Webinar Speakers

Ali Erkan

Professor Ali Erkan is the Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science at Ithaca College. He teaches subjects like - Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Organization and Coputer Networks ... to name a few. Professor Erkan has numerous publications in his name.

Anubha Sharma

As the CEO of AXF, Anubha is at heart of our organizational development and growth, as much as she is mindful of the tiniest detail of operations.
With a highly analytical and reflective mind and a resolute passion for social change, Anubha is innovative, daring and determined to grow AXF in several ways. Anubha was a senior financial service professional leading teams at a national level when she decided to shift from the corporate to the social sector, in a bid to pursue her heart’s calling. Anubha credits her wholesome upbringing for fuelling her spirit for social work, and for giving wings to her purpose.

Astha Malu

Astha Malu is the founder & the principal designer of Pattterned Studio, a ceramic & glass product brand initiated a decade ago. Astha has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts majoring in Sculptures and Master’s in Ceramic & Glass Design from National Institute of Design. She also teaches as a visiting faculty at National Institute of Design and at architectural colleges.

Jeffrey Johnson

Professor Jeffrey Johnson, graduated from the USAF Academy with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering. He completed his masters in Master of Aeronautical Science degree and PHD from Union Institue and University. He now serves as the Dean of the Burton D. Morgan School of Aeronautics at Lynn University. To name few awards and honors, Dr. Jeff has acheived Areial Achievement Medal, Senior Pilot Wings, Parachutist Rating & Private Pilot license, Multi-engine, Land. This evening professor Jeff will talk about exploring careers in Aviation, Aeronautics and Aviation Management.

Kimberley Burke

Prof. Kim Burke at Millsaps College, Mississippi, Dean of the Else School of Management, Professor of Accounting. Learn about the key differences between Accounting & Finance, the ongoing digital transformation, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Prof. Kim Burke.

Lalita Limaye

Lalita Limaye is the founder of Bio Ed Initiative. Through BioEd Initiative Lalita designs programs in the field of biology. BioEd programs expose students to current scientific developments and tools of bioinformatics. SAT Biology, IB, AP biology exam preparation is another area of BioEd Initiative.

Lori Hartmann

Lori Hartmann, Professor of International Studies, has been teaching at Centre College, Kentucky since 1999. She holds a B.A. from Denison University, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Denver. Professor Hartmann was awarded the “Rookie of the Year” teaching award in 2000, and a Kirk Teaching Award in 2003. Learn about International Studies with Prof. Lori Hartmann, also the Director of the Center for Global Citizenship at Centre College.

Lorraine Cox

Professor Lorraine Morales Cox is an associate professor of the visual arts - chair of the visual arts department at Union College. Professor Cox actively participates in programs that promote, mentor, support and retain a diverse community of students and faculty. Today, Learn & Discover how studio fine arts programs at top US colleges are structured, by Professor Cox.

Neeraj Mandhana

As someone who cares deeply about education and career guidance, Neeraj Mandhana has been actively mentoring both individual students and educational institutions since 2010. Students seek him for my resourceful insights into college admissions and career planning. High schools seek him to structure their counseling departments and college admission officers seek his insights into the education landscape in India. In 2014, his family established The Next Genius Foundation, a charitable trust that offers full undergraduate scholarships at select US colleges to bright Grade 12 students from India. In 2020, this fund will award college scholarships worth $ 10 Million.

Rajiv Kacholia

Rajiv Kacholia founded Speech and Debate India as a social impact initiative to help India's brightest students develop their voice. Mr. Kacholia has served as President of the Board of the American School of Bombay & on the Leadership Team for Stanford University's India undergraduate applicant interview process. He studied engineering, sociology, & finance at Stanford, graduating with Honors. He was the first Undergraduate student accepted to take courses at Stanford Law School & the finance curriculum at Stanford Business School.

Robert Harmon

Today in this webinar, let's learn about Physics and Astrophysics with professor Robert O. Harmon, Perkins-Howard Professor of Physics and Astronomy from Ohio Wesleyan University. He completed his PhD from the University of Chicago and has also won the Gregory Wentzel Prize for Best First-Year Graduate Teaching Assistant. Professor Robert also mentors undergraduates conducting research during summer and these research papers are presented in regional and national conferences.

Stephen Turban

Stephen is a PhD student at Harvard Business School and the co-founder of Lumiere Education. He is committed to providing research opportunities for students around the world through the Lumiere Research Scholar Program. Stephen is a graduate of Harvard College where he studied statistics.

Vishnu Agnihotri

Vishnu is co-founder, chief learner, and academic director at GenWise. He is a pioneer in Gifted Education and Talent Development in India. He has vast experience in both the education and business domains. From 2005 to 2017, he worked at Educational Initiatives where he led the ASSET development team. He was also the academic director of the ASSET Summer Program in 2015 and 2016. He has also worked at i2, Eutech Healthcare, Feedback Infra, and is currently developing a curriculum on values and attitudes at CLIx, an MIT and TISS initiative.
Vishnu has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Madras.

Ameya Kamath

Ameya is an education policy and development professional with a Master’s in International Education Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s in Economics from University College London. Currently a Senior Officer at YLAC, he has previously worked with UNESCO Bangkok and Teach For India on a range of youth-centric education programs.

Deborah McGrath

Dr. Deborah McGrath, Professor of Biology and Assistant Dean of the Environment BA at Sewanee College, will teach about Sustanibility and Enviroment and how the enviromental degree is curated across the span of four years.

Eyad Haj Said

Professor Eyad Haj Said is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Beloit College. He has also done his PhD in Computer Engineering, West Virginia University. To name a few courses taught by professor Eyad are: Data Structure and Algorithims, Computer Architecture, Mobile Applications. With several courses taught in CS, he has experience in ABET accreditation and this evening professor Eyad will talk about emerging field of data science.

Girish Nair

Girish Nair is the Founder & CEO of Curiosity Gym. Prior to founding Curiosity Gym, Mr. Nair was CEO at Netcore, one of India's leading email and mobile tech platform service providers and also a
Partner at Tandem Capital a Silicon Valley based seed capital fund where he mentored entrepreneurs. Mr. Nair has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from IIT Bombay, a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech and also studied Engineering Management at Stanford.

Joao Queiroga

João Queiroga is a Portuguese award-winning director and educator. Following an acting career in Portugal, Queiroga found his passion as an educator and documentary filmmaker.

Queiroga served as the Chair of the Post-Production Department at New York Film Academy. 

He is currently serving as a Assistant Professor in Residence at Northwestern University in Qatar

Lawrence C Davis

Lawrence Davis, Associate Professor, and the Undergraduate Chair School of Architecture - at Syracuse University, He pursued bachelor of architecture from the University of Cincinnati and master of architecture degree from Columbia University. Prof Davis is a registered architect and maintains an active practice. Today prof. will talk about Architecture, Impact of Technology, and it's future.

Mark J. Sciutto

Professor of Psychology, Mark J. Sciutto, a PHD holder, has been at Muhlenberg since 2001, and teached various subjects in Psychology, says Develepmental and Assessment Psychology, Advanced Research, and more. Also awarded, distinguised teaching award and today will talk about the 4-year degree in Psychology.

Nazia Vasi

Nazia Vasi is the Founder and CEO, Inchin Closer. An India-China interpreter entrepreneur, Nazia worked, studied Mandarin and travelled across China before setting up Inchin Closer in 2010.
An economics honours graduate from St. Xavier’s College, and Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, Geneva, Nazia was the youngest financial correspondent at the Times of India, before embarking on her adventure of bridging China and India.

Patricia Hunt

Professor Patricia Hunt, Director of Health Professions at Juniata College, believes that the trust found in a genuinely therapeutic environment is a part of the catalyst to create change. Professor Hunt, has received a certificate as a volunteer rape crisis counselor, bereavement facilitator, and Certified Facilitator with the Green Dot Violence Prevention Program. Lets understand the structure of Biology and Healthcare Undergraduate Programs in this webinar.

Richa Shrivastava

Richa drives strategic collaborations & partnerships for Maker's Asylum, a community space focused on fostering innovation through purpose based learning. Richa graduated from Indian School of Business & in her previous stint worked with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to drive IT investments into the state. Richa has also worked in the Indian Telecom industry. She was recognised as the Emerging Professional by the Aditya Birla Group for her contribution during the Telecom Spectrum Auctions held by the Govt. of India in Feb 2014 & 2015.

Stephen Weis

Professor Stephen Weis, has been actively teaching engineering at Texas Christian University since 1992. He has also taught electrical engineering at the United States Naval Academy. Professor Weis completed his MS and PhD in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. This evening, let's learn abaout Engineering Education in the US by Dr. Stephen Weis.

Vidushi Daga

Vidushi Daga is an Indian businesswoman, Entrepreneur & the founder of Clone Futura Education. She is actively involved in various philanthropic activities in the fields of education, technology development and human resources. Clone Futura was started from her home with just 3 students in July 2012 and it has spread with humungous leaps and bounds Pan India. Clone Futura is not simply a brand but a growing movement, having empowered over 3,00,000 students in a very short span. They offer personalized onsite digital training beyond the barriers of age with her 500+ trainer force.

Vivek Bhandari

Vivek Bhandari is the Founder and CEO of Scholarly, an education marketplace headquartered in Malta, Europe and with operations in the USA and Asia. Scholarly provides students with the option to customize their collegiate experience through a combination of online and on campus courses. Vivek is a successful business leader with experience in building, scaling up and turning around services businesses, through implementation of new processes & automation. Vivek holds a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a Master of Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Wesley Whiteside

Wesley Whiteside - Wes Whiteside is the face of the Newhouse Visitor’s Center. He works with prospective students and their families and coordinates several of the Newhouse School’s diversity initiatives. He conducts information sessions and tours, and oversees the school’s participation for all of the undergraduate admissions events.


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